Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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July 22, 2020

Since the last STIR CRAZY, collecting content felt silly, distracting from bigger tasks at hand. I wanted to make sure that the next reached wide, offered respite and encouragement.

I’ve been trying to commune with myself again. I find many conversations of late are different versions of “crazy, eh?”, so I’ve refocused. I’m turning back inward: taking walks and allowing the validation of my humanity to come from nature, instead taking in the primordial wisdom which reflects sunlight back into our eyes as the most calming hues of green.

My goal is to be more self possessed, more intentional, more effective. More purposeful, even, in an effort to assuage dysphoria.

While reflecting, listen to GREEN, Hiroshi Yoshimura’s seminal meditation of life. HERE is Philip Sherburne’s accompanying Pitchfork review.

A living DOC of NYC Mutual Aid.

Friend RITU created MASKON.ZONE to protect you & your data while protesting.

RANK AND FILE ACTION held a brilliant virtual town hall on POLICE TERROR & CUNY.

A suite of must reads from EATER and NYT on dining out. NOTE: I highly recommend the piece from Tejal Rao mentioned in the Eater article.

Friend SAM YOUKILIS has been documenting the bizarre state of NYC post-lockdown. This VISUAL DIARY for Vogue is harrowing.

WILLI SMITH’s streetwear epoch.

ORGANICLAB.ZIP is a archival fan account for cool, techy outdoor gear. The curator behind it recently SPOKE, VIA DMs, to the designer of VEILANCE.

A victorian oasis in Prospect Park: VALE OF CASHMERE.

Friend of the show, designer James Ellis speaks on EMO’S BEAUTIFUL MINIMALISM.

A GHOST SHIP filled with synths brought revolution to CABO VERDE.

Speaking of synths: ELECTRONIC INDIA.

The long awaited DEBUT record from Tween Sensation Chris Chang, aka NEGNANCE.

A very very Elliott type of record from LA’s favorite daughters, HAIM. (APPLE/SPOTIFY)

A new, wonderful EP from Seoul-based DJ PARK HYE JIN. Artwork by friend Sirui Ma. (APPLE/SPOTIFY)