Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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On the cusp of a new lockdown- NYC hit 2.8% this weekend- I’ve felt my brain go a little loose in the anxiety of what comes next. It’s been a test in centering myself, giving myself a little space to loosen up, and be sure to take it all as it comes.

There’s still a lot to feel very happy about. Take a walk with me in this week’s STIR CRAZY

First go- friends Adsum have a great little article about the archtect RAY KAPPE this week.

In case you haven’t aready seen it- Harry Styles COVERS Vogue.

Eva Green TALKS about her time on the cult classic The Dreamers.

My new vibe- King of minimalism, Kyle Chayka coins a new phrase: “Emily in Paris” is AMBIENT TELEVISION.