Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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It was a long, celebratory weekend. I hope you enjoyed the weather in New York. I hope you enjoyed the weather anywhere else.

Find me on the light up dance floor.

In this week’s STIR CRAZY .SATELLITE: a little weirdo disco to enjoy the weather (???) to.

A throwback to Nora Ephron’s COOKBOOK CRUSHES.

He may be Satan- MUSIC’S GREATEST MANAGER changed the rules.

TRANSCONTINENTAL IN 26 HOURS: The cannonball revival of 2020.

Beethoven’s SECRET.

Willie Nelson UNDERSTANDS.

This led me to ask: DRAGONS in Williamsburg?

Always, more MORT GARSON, please. APPLE / SPOTIFY

Originally commissioned by Muji, sampled by Vampire Weekend: HARUOMI HOSONO’S “HANA NI MIZU”. APPLE / SPOTIFY