Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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MAY 21 2020

This is the second STIR CRAZY. I’ve been thinking of distance - our circumstances are trying, but a little isolation might not be so bad. The stasis serves to allow revaluation of how & with who and want to connect and lend energy to. Maybe a new perspective is only 6 feet away. Maybe newfound appreciation for Real Time spent will be a product. Let this CLASSIC SPOT from C & R Eames remind us that feeling stir crazy is a small service to the larger good.

ARTISTS FOR AAF is a fundraiser, to support Asian American communities affected by COVID-19. Our friend SIRUI MA and a few others set this up, and it includes the works of many of our friends.

Shortly pre-quar, I met the owners of Good & Nice at my cafe, DAYMOVES. They had no clue they’d OPEN IN A PANDEMIC.

Setting the record straight and shining light on the role of illuminating designer RAY EAMES.

Wolfgang Tillmans IN CONVERSATION with Gregory Crewdson. DOWNLOAD some Tillmans books.

Secret party suspicions CONFIRMED.

Our friend COBEY ARNER has released a BOOK OF iPHONE PHOTOS. Buy it HERE.’s latest kind vibe T-Shirt NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION .

Heartbeat Opera continues to expand the form, and garner all kinds of attention with their zoom fantasia of Verdi’s Macbeth: LADY M

Uncut Gems (now streaming on Netflix) directors The Safdie Bros have started Elara Radio. Here is a stream from LATIN RASCALS

A Letter of Rec: Harry Nilsson’s THE POINT! (APPLE/SPOTIFY,) and its FILM.

Some New Music: The steel guitar renaissance slides along- Luke Schneider’s ALTAR OF HARMONY (APPLE/SPOTIFY) calls upon Brian Eno’s APOLLO (SPOTIFY), taking the pedal steel to a New Age apex.