Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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Autumn has officially arrived in NYC. The city feels different, I feel more spiritualized, a bit more crystallized. Perhaps it’s the negative ions from a sunset on the beach, or perhaps it’s hope for the future. Change is coming from the chaos. I unfold.

Firstly, great news: my friend ADAM KEITA has announced the lauch of crowdfunding for his forthcoming neighborhood-first cafe, DAUGHTER. I am immensely proud of my friend, and very excited about this venture. I feel very intensely about the role of cafes, bars, etc- Daughter aims to return to the fundamentals: good products with the community at the fore.

From June: philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi IN CONVERSATION regarding the pandemic and its economic fallout.

Blackbird Spyplane returns to STIR CRAZY with intel on the relationship between SOCIALISM & “JAWNZ”. While you’re there, read their chat with the inimitable RACHEL SEVILLE TASHJIAN.

“[The Museum] doesn’t want you. It has no more interest in you than the ocean does. Which is to say, none whatsoever.”
The Noguchi Museum sits quietly in DISTANCE NOGUCHI.

The NYT REVISTS the forefather of the American Poetic Canon.

Discover the beautiful expanse of BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND.

The universe owes EDDIE CHACON no thing. That’s how he found what would become my favorite record of the year.