Stir Crazy is a cultural dispatch curated by Elliott Foos. 

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An Earth Day playlist,
      selected by Alex Chapin 
Alex is a hobbying naturalist and a woodworker- notably 1/3 of the Sunfish co-op, an object-oriented spatial design practice focusing on hardwood & ceramic tile furniture objects in small editions and site-specific solutions for enhancing and better utilizing commercial/domestic space.

Sunfish Co-Op is Alex, Julia Eshaghpour & Kevin 'linguini' Hollidge

All three are practicing artists and all three love the crispy sunfish bánh mì at V-Nam Cafe.

Spring Flowers to Look Out For,   selected by Annie Rae Ericksen  
Annie is a florist, a birder, and has a keen eye for color. On her selections she writes:

in my dreams I imagine a spring day in which I get to experience the best spring has to offer

not just at the flower market

where I am lucky I get to see them dropped in buckets as they grow

but in the woods of somewhere quiet

lilac surrounding me overhead, probably vining up a trellis or charming home

muscari standing up happily in window boxes

below the flowering trees lily of the valley is nestled in

I'll take in the smell for a while, maybe this is my garden so I will cut some and take them inside

in the back garden, slouching over, there are snakehead fritillaria checkered and shy and standing above them

squiggling towards the sky are poppies with their tissue thin wrinkled petals

the rain is starting now and it feels it may be so heavy that all those petals may not be there by morning

Spring Birds to Watch,
  selected by Arjun Ram Srivatsa
Arjun is a frequent guest to Stir Crazy- a podcast host, a creative director for conde nast, and one of many contributors to an NYC Birding group chat, he provides us an ornithological iSpy game.